What Good is Your Company Wellness Program if Employees Don’t Know the Details?

October 19, 2011  By Mark Allen
Like¬†all employee benefits, wellness programs get under-appreciated and under-used if they’re not properly communicated.¬†Though it may have started¬†with good intentions, it can mean thousands of company dollars going down the drain if you do not offer quality, ongoing communication.

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How Workplace Digital Signage Boosts Company Profits

Oct 1, 2011  by Mark Allen

WHAT IS WORKPLACE DIGITAL SIGNAGE? Workplace digital signage uses wall mounted video displays in highly visible areas to communicate to employees. Fresh, compelling content reflecting the most current mission and vision from upper management arrives via digital internet to display at one or multiple locations simultaneously.

HOW IT WORKS? Digital messaging makes the corporate vision visual and imbeds company missions deep into minds of employees in a way that is easy to sustain.  At every level of the company, employees stay focused on important messages and initiatives resulting in lasting change in behavior. Common points of focus are safety, quality, productivity, recognition, teamwork, and attitude.

WHY IT WORKS?¬† Delivering communication in a short space of time to all¬†staff prevents some being ‚Äúin the know‚ÄĚ and some not.¬† It leads to a more efficiently run operation, fewer injuries, increased productivity and morale, and to avoid costly mistakes. And, the BEST way to engage employees and retain top talent is through a¬†culture of recognition. Results from every department include better customer relations, more on-the-job satisfaction, and greater profit for investors.

In this age of too many meetings, narrow profit margins, and increased distractions, where do executives find time and emotional energy to properly address these topics to an entire workforce?  The question for every manager should be:  How much does it cost NOT to be addressing daily?

The Marlin Company, provides tools for workplace communications to top executives and management in the following industries:  Manufacturing РHealthcare РDistribution -Transportation РHospitality РWarehousing РSanitation -Retail РUtilities

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10 Questions to Ask Before Installing Digital Signage at Work

profile photo 90Sept 18, 2011 by Mark Allen

You have many options for workplace digital signage, ranging¬†from single computer¬†connected to a single screen, to multiple screens through out the facility connected by network cable or wireless.¬† But before¬†you¬†get started, we recommend that you create a checklist and answer¬†the following questions. Read the rest of this post »

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WEBINAR: Driving Success through High Performance and Workplace Engagement

By Bob Ebers – July 19, 2011

During these changing economic times it’s critical to look beyond employee engagement to other factors that leverage success. To help your organization win at the next level you must understand the drivers of both high performance and workplace engagement.

This Thursday, July 21 there will be three FREE One-hour employee engagement webinars, about the practices and behaviors that connect and energize managers with employees through key success metrics. By understanding these “big picture” predictors of success you will be able to craft better HR strategy, make better resourcing decisions and avoid wasting company money.

More information and sign-up: www.workplacestars.com/hpo_we_072111.pdf

The following will be covered:

‚ÄĘ The Need: Why transforming workplace motivation into productivity is a top priority in today‚Äôs environment?
‚ÄĘ The Science: What four drivers motivate high performance at work? What three factors are critical to high performance and workplace engagement?
‚ÄĘ The Action: What actions can you take when resources are limited?

Hope you will attend.

With regards,
Bob Ebers

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25 Ways Cash Fails to Reward in the Workplace

July 15, 2011 by Mark Allen

1 Taxed as income.
2 Taxed again at point of sale.
3 Low contrast from one reward to next.
4 Low anticipation.
5 Low excitement factor creating awards.
6 No sharing/family involvement.
7 Little trophy value.
8 No social reinforcement.

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June Idea Bulletin

Hey – it’s Ona from Workplace Rewards!

Business improves when employees and staff are recognized, rewarded and engaged through programs that are effectively defined and structured with goals and proven returns. That’s what we do at Workplace Rewards and why we want to be a part of your team.

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Four Basic Steps to Motivated Employees

By Mark Allen - June 30, 2011
Motivated employees work more efficiently and produce better results. Using monetary and other rewards to improve motivation is a simple idea, but doing it fairly and effectively can be challenging.  How to create a compensation program that motivates employees, results in a more productive staff and is administered fairly? The secret, according to Microsoft’s Small Business resource center, lies in these four steps to motivated employees.

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Encourage Health, Physical Fitness & Wellbeing within Your Organization with these Gift & Reward Ideas

Motivate your employees to engage in fitness on the go whether they are traveling for work or just getting in a quick work out during their lunch break…

Personal Fitness KitMotivations Wellness KitStay Fit Kit


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Workplace Giving

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Curious Facts About Laughter

May 3, 2011 by Ona Lage

I love Stumbleupon! It’s full of fascinating information that you would ordinarily miss on the internet so I tend to bookmark lots of  sites for future reading.

Today, during a break from work, my fingers floated up to the Stumbleupon toolbar where I found yet another favorite.¬† This is a book called ‚ÄúCurious Facts Relating to Almost Everything under the Sun‚ÄĚ published in 1903 and written by Henry Williams.

Within these 333 pages, there are ‚Äėfacts‚Äô on nearly everything imaginable!¬† Things like Read the rest of this post »

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