Gratitude in the Workplace

shannon head shotJuly 23, 2009 by Shannon Pedder

“If it doesn’t show up on my P&L then I don’t have time for it”. That is the attitude of some executives, Thank you 2as cutbacks continue to pile more work on everyone’s desk.

But, with the power of gratitude and appreciation at your disposal, you can transform a negative atmosphere into a new spirit of appreciation in your office, empowering people, bringing enthusiasm and satisfaction back into their work and building strong bonds between employees.

Fostering appreciation in the workplace begins with you. You can make the difference at your office. In order to feel appreciated, you must begin by appreciating, you can’t wait for others to change.

It doesn’t matter what your co-workers or your employees are doing. You can take the responsibility for carrying the spirit of appreciation each day to your office, letting the power of gratitude revitalize your workplace.

Appreciation poured into your company, your work, your customers and your co-workers is like water and food to flowers; it helps everything blossom and grow. Things become fresh and alive again. Today, as always, people are craving to be appreciated!

At this very moment, think of all the people who have made a difference in your life; the people who constantly do the “small things” that add up to “big things”.

Maybe it’s a vendor who provides excellent service, or whose work is of superior quality, or someone who does their job so well that it makes your job easier. Perhaps it’s a person who has been particularly kind to you, who has always there when you need them. Or maybe it’s someone with a great sense of humor who brightens your day just by seeing them in the hallway.

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”- G.B. Stern

Make a point of acknowledging your employees and co-workers for who they are and what they do; let them know they’re valued and appreciated and that they and their work are important. True gratitude needs to be personal and genuine. It’s not just saying thank you, but how you show it that makes all the difference.

Six easy ways to say thank you…

Send a thank-you email or e-greeting card. Our mailboxes are flooded daily with email telling us all the things we didn’t do, all the things we did wrong, or all the things we should be doing! Think how refreshing it is to open email and find a note of gratitude.

Send a virtual gift box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers. They cost nothing and are calorie free!

Take someone out for coffee or lunch “just because.”

Leave a sticky note. Imagine how great someone would feel coming back from lunch, a boring meeting or the restroom to find a note of thanks stuck on their monitor or to their desk!

Send a hand-written card or note. Everywhere I go people complain that all they ever get is junk mail and bills. Believe it or not, people long for a hand-written card or note in your handwriting, in an envelope, with a stamp on it! So keep a box of thank-you cards in your desk drawer and use them.

Leave a thank you voicemail message. Most of us are inundated with voicemail messages that we’d like to delete two seconds after they start! You can make someone’s day by leaving a message thanking them for who they are or the great work they do.

Perhaps you can even adopt a personal strategy. I start every day by jotting down 5-10 things and people I am grateful for. That small effort helps me to be centered and focused on the good things happening around me. One of my favorite quotes is by Jackie Trombley is, “An attitude of gratitude makes space for grace”. Even just reading those simple words helps me to immediately zone in on my intentions. Another idea is to give one verbal appreciation every hour and send one written thank you every day.

These are just some of the ways to show your gratitude around the office. You never know when your words of appreciation will make a person’s day. It takes so little effort and yet it makes you feel good knowing that you’ve brightened someone’s outlook with something so simple. Try it for a month in your workplace and see what happens. If you have an original idea, please share it with us below.

If you are looking for some tangible ideas on how to thank and appreciate your customers and employees, here are some to consider…


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  1. Ona - August 1, 2009

    Shannon, this is a wonderful post especially since all we’re hearing is ‘how tough the economy is’ among other negatives. It’s important that we remember the value of this small but powerful act. Thank you.

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